Chaplin Bob Dennis

Chaplin Bob Dennis

 Bob Dennis  is the Protestant Chaplain for the State of Michigan assigned to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. He is endorsed by the North American Mission Board Chaplaincy Board, and a member of Anchor Community.

Bob and Kathy Dennis

Bob and Kathy Dennis

After many years of pastoring at churches and campground ministry God has planted a love for the elderly and disadvantaged in his heart. His better half in life and ministry is his wife, Kathy. Kathy has the same heart for the disadvantaged and is a supervisor for Hope Network here in Grand Rapids working with special needs people every day.

Kathy brings to their ministry music, clerical assistance and a heart that loves God and other. They have been a ministry team since 1978 and loving every minute of it.         

Bob's plate is full as he serves daily in this position. His responsibilities include:

  • Conduct religious services preaching and teaching Sunday and Wednesday.
  •  Provide encouraging religious council to members and staff.
  •  Assist family members with special needs for their resident.
  • Plan and conduct patriotic event with a religious structure.
  • Conduct funerals for members.
  • Hospital visitation of GRHV members when they are away from the Veteran's Home and in local hospitals.


Volunteers are welcome and needed!

Many of our members are in wheelchairs and need help getting to chapel services. Many volunteers are needed to push them to the chapel from their living unit and return them after the service is over. Some volunteers come on a particular Wednesday or Sunday such as the 2nd Sunday of the month...but many of our volunteers find it to be a very satisfying ministry and come to help every Sunday.

Bible leaders are need for the 6pm chapel fellowship that is held every night of the week. It is a very easy format for the leaders with the reading of "Our Daily Bread" then prayer time together. If the talent is present, we sing a couple of hymns.

Being a volunteer at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans is a very rewarding experience that some have experienced for year after year.

To get involved, call Chaplain Dennis at 616-364-5327