On Monday, March 31st 2014, Neil deGrasse claimed he debunked Biblical creation via analysis of the speed of light.  In this 4th episode of ‘Cosmos:  A Space Time Odyssey,” the argument was postulated stating there are multiple nebulas (like the Crab Nebula) which are at or over 6500 lightyears away.  Should Biblical creation be accurate, and the earth would be around 6-7000 years old, then there would be no way for such nebulas to be visible as the light would not have reached human visibility.  


Whenever one deals with issues regarding the origins of humanity, because the event cannot be retested, repeated, and observed, every person entering into the conversation arrives with presuppositions.  Some join the origins arena with the presupposition there is a God, while others appear with the presupposition there is no God.  Due to the presuppositions, one has to be honest with themselves by admitting the lack of true objectivity. 


Now onto lightyears and creation.  When God made Adam, Adam was an adult.  When God made Eve, Adam did not have to change her diapers as she too was an adult.  When God made trees, He did not have to wait 20 years for the tree to take root and grow into maturity and produce fruit.  When God made the fish, the birds, the grass…in every instance creation was made in a mature state.  The same goes with light.  When God made the stars, He did not have to wait for the light to travel the multiple lightyears before being visible…maturity existed for the light as well. 


Another way of wording this would be:  when God created, He created with age already in place.  This would explain why so many look upon the earth and they see a very aged earth.  This is how God worked.  Jesus worked in a similar fashion in the New Testament.  When Jesus turned water into wine, the wine was described as the best wine…meaning Jesus made wine that had age already in place.  When Jesus gave sight to a blind person, that person did not have to learn how to interpret sight (just as the lame did not have to wait for their muscles to strengthen for them to walk).  Jesus healed with aged knowledge already in place. 


So to answer deGrasse, yes the Earth can be 6-7,000 years old and simultaneously have light visible from objects over 7,000 lightyears away.