Anchor Community Church Purpose, Mission & Value Statements


Purpose Statement: To Be A Preview Of Coming Attractions

In other words, for us to live and work together as if the Kingdom of God were fully present in the world today. One day Christ will return, and when He does, God will fully usher in His new Kingdom and make a new heaven and new earth. We make it our mission to try to be an example (a preview/glimpse) of what God's Kingdom will be like when it is fully present.

Mission Statement: How To Achieve Our Purpose Statement

F.E.E.D. My Sheep

  • F = Fellowship ~ encouraging, supporting, and edifying each other in our walk and service to God.
  • E = Exalt ~ we exalt God in song, the giving of offerings, and in studying His Holy Word.
  • E = Evangelize ~ to reach a lost world for Christ, sharing the Gospel of His death, burial, resurrection, and His one day       Second Coming to usher in fully His Kingdom.
  • D = Discipleship ~ to disciple people (after they are redeemed by Christ); to help them mature into Christ-honoring       people…so that they too will share Christ with others, and also be (individually) previews/glimpses of Christ.

Value Statement (the values/principles that guide how we achieve our mission and purpose)

Bible-Centered Preaching And Teaching

-We are committed to the clear and accurate communication of God's word

The Great Commission

-We desire to obey God’s command to go into all the world and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teach to obey all that Christ has commanded.


-We make it our goal to spend time together, to uplift and encourage each other, edifying and building each other up for the mission of Christ, and expressing the theology of the cross: sacrificing self to help others flourish.

God's Grace

-We emphasize God’s grace, and strive to share grace with others in our continual struggle to serve and honor God in our everyday lives.

The Lordship Of Christ

-We make it our goal to recognize Christ’s authority, control, and ownership over all of creation. Thus, we are subject to Him, and will give an account to Him alone.

Christian Education

-All of Scripture is God breathed. We are committed to learning His Scriptures to the best of our ability, and to teach it to others. Learning is a task we treasure and enjoy.


-We are not professionals, but we are committed to giving Christ our all, and putting all our efforts into what we do…we serve & worship Him the best we possibly can.


-being laid-back, we strive to take each day and event as it comes. Not being bogged down by the status-quo, we are willing to “flow with the punches,” and try new, creative, and innovative ways to serve and honor Christ.


-Knowing each day is hard, and life often offers its struggles, we strive to remain positive, looking ahead, anchoring our hope on the fact that one day Christ will return and set the record straight…fully restoring our relationship with Him and with all of creation.